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How To Choose The Right Dubai Wallpaper In 2023

Dubai Wallpaper

Designer and high-end Dubai Wallpaper, Have selected the best collections of designer wallpaper to dress your walls with style. Renowned publishers, Mussafah, and foreigners find themselves side by side in a jumble as unusual as it is classic, between modernity, innovation, tradition, and know-how.

Types Of Traditional Dubai Wallpaper:

Traditional Dubai wallpaper generally used for home furnishings can be divided into four categories according to materials:

Paper wallpaper

The so-called paper Wallpaper In Mussafah means that the materials on both sides of the bottom surface are composed of paper. The main synthetic components of dubai wallpaper include: bark, grass and natural wood pulp. The surface of the paper wallpaper can be printed with patterns or embossing, with rich colors; however, it is easy to scratch and the price is more expensive, requiring certain construction skills.

Plastic wallpaper

Plastic Wallpaper In Mussafah, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) dubai wallpaper, is one of the most widely used types on the market. According to the material, it can be divided into two categories: rubber-covered paper bottom and rubber-covered bottom. Both are embossed or printed and are easy to use. And clean, but easy to be damp, and not very environmentally friendly.

Canvas wallpaper

The surface of the wallpaper is mainly made of textile materials such as hemp, cotton, silk, or rayon. It can also be used for printing or embossing. According to the different materials used for the bottom surface of the cloth wallpaper, it can also be divided into cloth paper bottom and cloth glue There are three types of bottoms and fabric bottoms. Dubai wallpaper is easy to construct, easy to clean, rich in texture, and more durable; but it is expensive, and once the Wallpaper In Mussafah is worn out, it will be more difficult to repair, or the entire Wallpaper In Mussafah needs to be replaced.

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Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper, also known as non-woven wallpaper, is made of non-woven materials, generally made of natural plant fibers, such as cotton or linen, or man-made fibers or other synthetic fibers, through technical processing. This type of Wallpaper In Mussafah is rich in touch, more durable and environmentally friendly, but it has fewer colors and higher prices.

The operation of traditional dubai wallpaper | Wallpaper In Mussafah

Traditional Dubai Wallpaper generally requires professionals to operate, and the equipped glue also needs to be deployed or purchased separately, not ordinary people can adjust and post by themselves.

What are dubai wallpaper stickers?

Dubai Wallpaper stickers can be understood as self-adhesive stickers printed with colors or different patterns. In addition to being suitable for walls, they can also be used on glass or tiles. There are many types of wallpaper stickers, including paper, plastic film, and fabric. , Waterproof plastic material, even diatomaceous earth wallpaper, etc. Due to the wide selection of patterns and colors for wallpaper stickers, they are flexible in use and can be creative according to personal preferences, styles and needs.

The operation of dubai wallpaper stickers

Different from traditional wallpaper, the bottom surface of the dubai wallpaper sticker is already equipped with glue and has a pasting function. Just tear off the film on the back and you can paste it on the wall; the operation is much simpler and more convenient than traditional Wallpaper In Mussafah, no need to wait for air-drying. You don’t need to buy special glue and ask for professional help, you can handle it easily at home.

Price comparison + edge do you have to buy? | Wallpaper In Mussafah

Because of the wide variety of different Dubai Wallpapers and wallpaper stickers, the price gap is also large. If the cost is not much and the requirements are not too high, the cost of several hundred Dirham can already be used to renovate the old wall for a few hundred feet of home. Go to the city with a professional master to buy the qualified price and easily settle at home, buy online, and there are many choices.

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Mussafah Town

A large-scale home furnishing Al baraka curtains store that is widely familiar to Abu Dhabi people. Geometric pattern decorative wall stickers, bump brick DIY wall stickers, Korean roll wall stickers, or fine brick wall stickers are also available. The price is also cheap, and the price ranges from about 30 Dirham to about 70 Dirham; however, it should be noted that the size of each wallpaper is different, and some of the sizes are only 14.8 inches x 5.3 inches. Please do not calculate the required size to avoid losing your budget.

What are the tips for wallpapering yourself?

After purchasing a good Wallpaper In Mussafah, wall sticker, you must clearly understand the paving procedure and the places you need to pay attention to before putting it up at home. Every step is properly done, and the wallpaper wall sticker must be more durable.

Prepare the required tools

Such as cutter, ruler, wallpaper base film, brush, wallpaper glue, container for base film and glue, scraper, wall repair agent, sponge and towel

Properly handle the wall

Use a scraper to clean and smooth the wall with impurities, or use a wall repair agent to fill in the wall with voids, which can make the wallpaper/wall sticker applied more closely.

Tailored wallpaper

Measure the height and width of the wall, leave a mark on the back of the wallpaper/wall sticker, and leave as much as possible about 5 cm on each side for trimming; if you are paving a 3D or a certain thickness For wallpaper/wall stickers, please refer to the instructions for use and pay attention to the required width. In addition, we must also pay attention to the wallpaper pattern and the problem, and carefully cut.

Sweep the base film on the wall

This step can be understood as applying a protective film on the wall to prevent moisture, mildew, and blackening, as well as a certain degree of protection against water. Generally, one or two layers are applied to the wall, and the wallpaper is covered after it is sealed. Wall stickers.

Apply wallpaper glue and paste wallpaper

After the base film is dried, apply the wallpaper glue evenly on the back of the wallpaper. Apply several pieces of dubai wallpaper every time, and shop in order; if you choose wallpaper/wall stickers with glue on the back, slowly tear off the adhesive on one corner first , Align the position and angle, and then gradually tear off the remaining adhesive paper; whether it is paving wallpaper or wall stickers, you should pave it from top to bottom, one by one, and pay attention to the alignment of patterns and patterns.

Scrape bubbles

Whether laying wallpaper or wallpaper stickers, it is recommended to start paving from the side of the door or the corner of the wall, and use a scraper from top to bottom, and from the inside to the outside, to flatten the wallpaper or wall stickers, and align the wall with the wall. The air bubbles in the wallpaper and the squeeze out of excess glue make the wallpaper more durable

Trimming and cleaning

After the dubai wallpaper/wall sticker is applied, check the surrounding area and cut off the excess wallpaper. When cutting, the knife edge should be clean and avoid burrs; if excess glue is found to ooze out, use a sponge to soak in water and gently Wipe away the glue on or around the wallpaper to avoid leaving traces of glue in the future.

4 Major maintenance and3 big repair methods

The weather in Abu dhabi is humid, and the wallpaper has been posted for a long time, and it is easy to mold, which not only damages the beauty but also affects human health. If the dubai wallpaper is as durable as new, there is a way to prevent mold!

Starting from the selection of materials :

As mentioned above, there are many types of dubai wallpaper, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wallpaper made of paper and non-woven fabrics has better air permeability and can drain moisture. Plastic wallpaper is the least breathable and difficult to remove. Moisture is discharged from the wall, and the moisture is trapped between the wall and the wallpaper. Over time, mold spots are likely to occur.

Make enough effort beforehand:

Before paving the dubai wallpaper, you must handle the wall well. The wall must not only keep it dry but also level the wall. At the same time, before paving the wallpaper, remember to apply a base film (protective film) to the wall to prevent the wall from being built in the future. The body is damp, moldy, and black.

There are skills in laying dubai wallpaper:

It takes about one day (about 24 hours) for the wallpaper to be applied. It is best to close the doors and windows to avoid excessive ventilation and cause the wallpaper to crack and twist. Experts suggest that it is best to ventilate the wallpaper 3 days after the wallpaper has been applied. , But close doors and windows at night to prevent moisture infiltration.

Daily maintenance is essential:

In humid seasons, you should open windows as little as possible, and make good use of air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., to keep the room and wall dry; if moisture is found to be discharged from the wall, you should wipe it away with a dry cloth as soon as possible to avoid letting it go. The moisture stays.

If mildew or mildew appears on the wall, the degree of mildew on the dubai wallpaper will be different, and the treatment methods will be different:

Toothbrush + alcohol

If mildew or mildew appears on the  wallpaper, you can try to gently brush away the mildew with a toothbrush, and then lightly brush the dubai wallpaper with a cloth dipped in alcohol (be careful that alcohol is flammable). This will make the wall dry and prevent the mold from recurring. Breed.

If the mildew particles or mildew spots have appeared for a period of time, such as within one to two months, and the scope is not large; you can wipe away the mildew spots with a damp cloth, treat the mold, and then use an anti-mold spray to spray on the moldy part of the wallpaper, Kill the bacteria on the wallpaper. After the wallpaper is air-dried, spray the wallpaper repeatedly to prevent the wall from becoming moldy again.

Use bleach

To remove mold or mildew stains on the dubai wallpaper, you can also use 1:99 diluted bleach and spray it on the moldy wall. Because the bleach can easily irritate the skin, remember to wear gloves and protect your eyes. Over the water. Remember to use bleach only for white walls.


Dubai Wallpaper is a great way to add color and style to any room of your home. At Al baraka curtains we have an extensive range of wallpapers that you can browse while you wait for your appointment with one of our designers. We can provide you with the best quality wallpapers in Mussafah.

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