Living rooms can be very dull. This is why you need wallpaper designs for your living room. So you need to design your living room right. Now, you must be thinking about how to create your room. To answer that you need to know which paint or wallpaper is right for you. How many wallpapers do you need? What should you keep in mind when choosing wallpaper? Also, the pros and cons of wallpaper, what materials wallpaper is made of, how to install it etc. Get ready to read the next step.

Which is better, paint or wallpaper for the living room?

Modern Wallpaper Designs for Living Rooms

You want to give your room a new look. Now, you have two significant options.

1. Paint
2. Wallpaper.

You have to decide which one is perfect for you based on your requirements.

First, we will know about painting:


1. Painting requires minimal skill and equipment.
2. Relatively less expensive.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Allows for easy changes of color or style in the future.



1. Limited design options
2. May fade over time.
3. Additional wall preparation may be required to achieve a smooth finish.


Now we should discuss about wallpaper.


    1. Offers a wide range of design possibilities.
    2. High-quality wallpaper is more durable than paint
    3. Can cover wall imperfections.
    4. Textures such as fabric, cork or even 3D effects provide an additional design element.


    1. Specific Some wallpapers are difficult to install, especially large wallpapers. In that case, you may need to hire professional installation services.
    2. Generally more expensive than paint, including the cost of materials and potentially professional installation.
    3. Can be time-consuming and difficult to remove.
    4. Certain types of wallpaper may require specific cleaning procedures depending on the material.

The discussion will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Choosing the right color for the living room

Colors express our mood and personality, so we should select a color that will cheer us up.
Then, choosing the color is dependent on the lighting in the room. For example, if our room has too much natural light, we should choose dark colors. On the other hand, if our room is a bit dark, we should choose light colors.
Then, you can choose the color of your wallpaper depending on the accessories of your room.

How much wallpaper should be used in the living room?

Since you have decided to buy wallpaper, measuring it is essential. This will let you know how much wallpaper you need. Design enthusiasts, do not worry; it is effortless. You can measure easily by following the steps below.

What you need:

1. A measuring tape (for measuring walls) 2. A notepad (for writing down measurements and calculations)


Let’s start measuring:

Step 1: Measure the height and width of the wall where you plan to use the wallpaper.

Step 2: Find the “Coverage” information on your selected wallpaper roll. It will tell you how many square feet (or meters) a single roll can cover.

Step 3: Divide the total wall area (after subtracting doors and windows) by the usable area per roll. It will give you the approximate number of rolls required.

What should be kept in mind when choosing wallpaper in the living room?

Choosing the perfect wallpaper isn’t rocket science, just a fun design adventure. Here’s what to consider for a living room that truly reflects your personality.

Living room style

Living room style

Just like choosing the right outfit for an event, your wallpaper should complement the overall style of your living room.

Living room style

Lighting conditions

living room Lighting conditions

Lighting plays an essential role in the wallpaper of your room. For example, if you have a lot of natural light entering your room, you should choose deep colors when choosing wallpaper. On top of that, if your room has fewer light sources, you can choose light-colored wallpaper. Because the light directly reflects off your wallpaper.

living room Lighting conditions

Personal taste

Design Personal taste

Since this is your living room, consider your choice first after all the formulas are blown. What color wallpaper to install on the wall, what design wallpaper to install, give importance to your choice.

Design Personal taste

Where can I buy living room wallpapers?

Beautiful Wallpaper Designs to Transform Your Space

You can buy wallpaper in 2 ways.

1. Local market: Find the local market near you where room wallpaper is sold. When you visit the local market, you will find big and small brands. First, check the quality of the product, then check the price. When these two match, you buy another.

2. Online Market: Do you want to have thousands of exclusive design room wallpapers from all the famous brands in the world at your fingertips? You can choose and buy the best wallpaper for your room from there. Then, Google searched for “wallpaper designs for living room.” You will find some great brands. Then, you can decide to buy the product by checking its quality, design, and price.

Pros and cons of living room wallpaper

Living room wallpaper has many benefits. Apart from this, it also has several disadvantages. Let’s find out:


    1. Disadvantages: Painting can cause a smell of paint to waft into your room. It can ruin some of your walls with paint splatters. But there is no chance of this kind of damage by using wallpaper.
    2. Durability: High-quality wallpaper is very durable. It lasts about 10 to 15 years.
    3. Textured Touch: Some wallpapers have added 3D designs, which can give the room a different look.
    4. Variety: The wallpaper has many designs, styles, and textures.
    5. Customization: You can customize it as you choose.
    6. Easy to maintain: If your wallpaper gets dusty, you can easily clean it by wiping it with a damp cotton cloth. If there is extra hard dirt, you can clean it easily with detergent.


    1. Installation complexity: Extra large-size wallpapers are difficult to install. In that case, it is necessary to hire a professional.
    2. Cost Factor: Wallpaper usually requires more cost. Cost depends on materials, design, and installation fees.
    3. Removal Regrets: Wallpaper is usually a bit difficult to remove. Because removing wallpaper requires the right tools.

Wallpaper Material

Different materials make living room wallpaper. Each material has certain advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss some of the most popular ones:

1. Paper: The most traditional and affordable. Paper is less durable. High humidity damages paper.
2. Vinyl: Vinyl is very durable and moisture resistant, so there is no damage to this material due to moisture. Vinyl is easy to clean.
3. Non-Woven Fabric: This material offers a breathable and textured look. It is easy to remove but not possible to clean.

Which Wallpaper Material Is Best?

The “best” wallpaper material depends on your priorities. Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • Durability & Moisture Resistance: Vinyl
    • Affordability & Ease of Use: Paper (budget-friendly but least durable), Pre-pasted Vinyl (easy install, less durable than standard vinyl)
    • Breathability & Texture: Non-woven Fabric
    • Luxury & Style: Fabric-backed Vinyl, Metallic (more expensive, installation can be tricky)
    • Natural Aesthetic: Grasscloth, Cork (delicate, require special care)


If you have a long-term plan, you can choose vinyl materials. In short, they are durable and moisture-resistant, easy to maintain, and can be easily removed. They also offer good features on a balanced budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the best color for your living room wallpaper, you must first rely on your preferences. But you can prefer light colors.

Consider the size of the room – light colors for smaller rooms and darker patterns for larger spaces.

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